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Why MediFirst?

We are a company founded in 2002. Our approach is to develop professional web tools for the medical staff that facilitate patient care. Over 150 centers have been installed in 20 years. Since practices are constantly evolving, we aim to keep our products up to date. We aim to make them evolve, innovate to reach effectiveness and to save you time.

For and by users

Our products are the result of close collaboration between users and software expertise.

Evolving and connected

Our web solutions keep pace with changing practices and technological developments.

Paperless target

Above all, we want to dematerialize your activity and offer you a software that centralizes all your information.

By devoted humans

In 2023, we are 26 devoted humans and we aim to satisfy our users as best we can.


partners centers


We design customised software for you

Over 150 centers have been deployed in 20 years.
We have acquired a high level of expertise in accompanying, implementing and supporting ambitious projects.


The application is installed by our support team on a server.

Setup and training

We set up your application with the center’s referents and then train the entire team.

Production start-up

We decide together when to launch the application.

We love helping you everyday

Our support team is available from 9am to 6pm every working day. By email or phone, our goal is to get you help as quickly as possible, with humans at the other end of the line.

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