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MédiFirst develops IT solutions for reproduction centers with MediFirst-ART, and genetics centers with MediFirst-GENETICS

Our commitments


We are a company founded in 2002. Over 150 centers have been installed in 19 years.

We have acquired excellent expertise in accompanying, implementing and supporting ambitious projects. Our goal is “paperless”, offering simplified access to information to match the protocols of a center.

Our products are the result of close collaboration between users and our IT expertise.
Over the years, this has enabled us to offer complete and adaptated solutions to ART and genetics specialists.

Our solutions support the evolution of practices and technological changes.

We have built up expert teams and put in place effective working methods.

In 2021, we are 25 enthusiasts and proud to satisfy our users. Our applications allow for optimized patient monitoring and support the improvement of medical research.

This is our philosophy, to adapt and innovate in order to serve
«Software Supporting Life ».

MédiFirst today


Partner centers


A digital record

  • Clearly presented
  • The only reference for fertility data
  • Quickly accessible from any workstation
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones
  • Can be viewed by all participants at the same time


  • Maximum confidentiality (user accounts, access rights, data anonymization etc.)
  • Comprehensive modification tracking
  • Electronic signatures
  • Automatically saved data

With countless features

  • Settings can be adapted to your methods
  • Many statistical indicators
  • Patient data extraction
  • Sends prescriptions and reports 
  • Billing with procedure coding
  • Automatic data exchange with hospitals (patients, appointments, lab results and more)
  • Online patient prescriptions portal
  • Scanned document manager


A unique couple file

A web file that brings together all the useful information to assist the couple in their plan to have a child.

Complete tools

Manage your ART center with all the work lists. Complete tools that effectively involve all medical actors in the follow-up of the couple.

For the clinic

All diagnostics, predefined prescription protocols, complete and intuitive ovarian stimulation follow-up.

For biology

A laboratory application for sperm analysis, detailed day-to-day embryo monitoring, full traceability of embryo, oocyte and sperm freezing, donation management, and tank storage.


For consultation

A structured layout of patient information allowing rapid entry of clinical data to build the family tree.

For Molecular Biology & Cytogenetics

Complete management of laboratory exams in relation to samples, customisable technique sequences associated with analysis requests, and backup of technical data and exam results.

For the follow-up of persons at risk

A powerful module for the management and monitoring of high-risk persons, integrated into the patient record, configurable and intuitive.

A complete family tree

Accessible for viewing essential information about the record or family record, easily composable, compatible with GEDCOM format and exportable to risk calculation software.

Online prescription

Your communication tool for your patients with MediFirst-ART

To communicate with your patients


Personalised access to consultation of prescriptions, examinations and messages from


From MediFirst ART

  Save time and prescribe from the Stimulation tab, with all the information you really need, and send it to your patient. The notifications are immediate, clear and secure. Start today, MediFirst-ART is ready!  

And on smartphone

Your patient has access to her prescriptions and calendar, sets her notifications, sees her treatment… All this on Android or iOS with Prescriptionenligne® !


MédiFirst works closely with centers and provides them a dedicated and responsive team to ensure quality technical support.

We are happy to help you at +33 1 79 85 39 40 or by mail at :