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New space user

A brand-new innovating club.

A brand-new club is being launched for our community. Here you will find everything you need to discuss about MédiFirst.

Ready to join us?


Communicate with your community.. Between you, between you and us.

We integrated a chat tool so that evryone can communicate together. You can create discussion groups yourself.

Access to all your documentations.

We have opened up online access to all of our application documentations, updates, and all of that in one space.



Ask for help from our Support Team (we are building it).

You will discover the online hotline portal which gatered all the last demands of your center. You can follow in real time the evolution.

A dedicated club

We have opened an online club with tips, roadmaps and news. Discover and participate in the future of our applications.



Shall we have a call?

We have made available an online video conferencing tool in the online space. Like that.