Our products

Our target is “paperless”, which is why we have designed web-based software that offers simplified access to information and adapts to your business processes. Our applications allow for optimised patient follow-up, and follow the evolution of medical research.


We have created an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for the management of assisted reproduction centers in french speaking countries (IVF and french CECOS centers, insemination laboratories).

Our couple file is unique: from stimulation to pregnancy outcome, create your patient file and generate all your documents, prescriptions, procedures, assessments, statistics, and much more.

An unique couple file

A unique web file that gathered all the useful information to assist the couple in their child project.

Clinical data

Includes all diagnoses, pre-defined prescription protocols and comprehensive and intuitive ovarian stimulation monitoring.

Biological data

The perfect laboratory tool for sperm analysis, detailed daily embryo monitoring, and complete freezing, thawing and storage traceability for embryos, oocytes and sperm.


We have created the most multipurpose software in France for the management of genetics centers, oncogenetics centers and patient follow-up.

The optional laboratory module allow you to follow the techniques and series performed on your samples.

For the consultation

A structured layout of patient information allowing for quick clinical data entry to build the family tree.

Follow-up network of patient at risk

A powerful module for the management and monitoring of high-risk people, integrated into the patient record, configurable and intuitive.

For molecular biology and cytogenetics

Comprehensive management of laboratory tests related to samples, customizable technique sequences associated with analysis requests, and backup of technical data and examination results.


“Prescriptionenligne” is the first website to provide to patients, day after day, the follow-up of their medical prescriptions during all stages of the ART process. This module is fully integrated into MediFirst-ART.

A smartphone-app is also availbale on the PlayStore and App Store.

Our connectors

We have all kinds of documents to help you understand how the connections are set up and which messaging formats are used. Ask us for them!

Discover every tool which can be connected to your MediFirst software. We aim to save you time and avoid double entries. Ask us if you want to have a connected sotfware!